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Friday, May 6, 2011

Roblox vs Minecraft

I am going to compare these two good games and you choose which you like, this will be decided in 3 parts, prices, community, final thoughts. Each category has two parts. May the best game win!

Pricing Part 1:Roblox
Roblox has many different "BCs", or upgrades and you need to buy something or you might as well not play.
BC is 5 bucks per month and a good starter choice but maybe less appealing to those who want to be more involved and known in the game. TBC is the next thing and is 10 bucks per month, this is one for newbies who decided they need more ingame cash than BC can provide. OBC is 20 bucks per month and give the highest allowances in the game, this is something I reccomend after playing the game for atleast 3 months and if you decide you like it then go ahead and buy it.
These prices are monthly so you end up spending hundreds no matter what, lifetime is available but it costs from 200 bucks to 500! The price is very high and it ruins the game for many people, but irresponsible players cost them bandwith with thier hundreds of alts and they are forced to do it or shut down the game.

Pricing Part 2:Minecraft
Minecraft has a appealing price which is only 14 dollars and you get the game forever (the price will go to 20
when it is fully released so buy it fast!). The game is not overpriced and they planned it well and the creators of minecraft have made millions from thier constant stream of money from people buying the game. The only thing you can say about the prices are...EPIC!

Community Part 1:Roblox
The Roblox community is a majority of kids then teens and a few adults. There are friendly people but in the forums or people with a higher BC than you are stuck-up and constantly attempt to show that they are superior in an online world that doesn't matter. The forums are constantly hunted by mods and dozens are banned everyday, I once got banned for saying to a friend, "Hey I got Portal!". They need every penny so any mention of another game, even if you insult it, you get banned. Yes you can be a guest in Roblox but the little kids who are constantly bullied by teens or adults with better bcs take thier anger out on guests and kill them at every opppurtunity. The Roblox community is in ruins.

Community Part 2:Minecraft

The minecraft community is not perfect but it is pretty good, people help you out and it is easy to make friends and play, I have only had Minecraft for a week so I am not so sure about the forums but you guys can tell me about it in the comments. Minecraft is also fun because while you save up to buy it you can play the free mode and still make friends!

Final Thoughts Part 1&2

Both games are good and Roblox might have been able to win in my opinion if it didn't go crazy with prices and bad community. Minecraft is a very good and fun choice, you can build huge structures and survive wave after wave of zombies and teleport to a mysterious world known as, "The Nether." Roblox has about 2 or 3 million people since 70% either never play, log on once a year, or are just alts. Minecraft has about 7 million who bought the game and are playing it with millions more a part of the community. Minecraft wins in my opinion but I guess you guys choose.


  1. Replies
    1. Well I like both games, both of them are fun in different ways. Minecraft is very fun to build in with mods and and multiplayer. Roblox, you can buy gears customize make super cool places. ROBLOX and Minecraft are both wonderful games to play. Different people have different opinions. Don't say either of the games are bad because non of the games are they all have inactive users active user and lots of people that play that game. Its good to just try both, you might like it. If you already tried it then try it one more time and see, just keep trying and never give up. If you still don't like it then keep it to your self, don't let it hurt other people's opinion. Well that's what I need to say.

    2. roblox is the best for all ages but minecraft is can be inapropeate you should ssee the mods but roblox is free minecraft is not :P so roblox gota puy to be epic but minecraft is the same to puy for mods and skins lol

    3. @Boyko


    4. Well, you must have never played Minecraft to think that you have to pay for mods and skins. Roblox is for 8year olds. The game doesn't start off with mods, so you can download them at your own risk.

  2. Minecraft win!! Roblox is fun but to expensive to actually get some good privleges, minecraft has every privlege for cheaper, not as many hackers (though there are still a good group of them) and you pay for it once and get the game forever!

    1. I agree totally.

      When I was 14 and my brother was 17, we both learned how to use the Lua, or C++ used in programming on Roblox, and now my brother has got a CCNA, CCNP, and is working on his CCIE. so I think that if that is the way you are looking to go, Roblox might be a fun way to start at the beginner level.

      Oh, BTW, he built and scripted a place that got 100 k visits in six months!

      But after saying all that, I still say that Minecraft has a much better community and has less emphasis on money.

    2. Minecraft is awsome...i will say that. I played like ONE MONTH and its not a rip off. But Roblox? I played that a year ago for one year. I wonder why, because it has very innapropiate stuff. The admin dont care. They just wont money. Then again, It did used to be fun. I chose a draw, because ROBLOX was fun untill bc only places.

    3. Roblox is free You Don't need BC you can still build and all that crap it's just you can make only 1 world due to the fact that roblox worlds are stored not on your pc but on the Roblox servers so of course they don't let you spam them... If you wanna spam get BC.


    5. Aj J just wait another 12 months and you'll stop playing Minecraft

  3. To bad you got like half of that Roblox stuff wrong, so in my opinion Roblox wins.

    1. your very wrong minecraft is far beter =]

    2. Everybody can have their own opinion. Personally, I like Minecraft, but what really matters is what kind of game you like. If you like to be social and get popular, then Roblox is your game. The community can be horrible, but there are still loads of people you can be friends with. Minecraft is known for it's unique gameplay and endless structure. If you are looking for a timekiller, then Minecraft is your game. So people, stop flaming about this. We all should have a freedom to what game we can play.

  4. MINECRAFT! In my opinion, the Minecraft community is amazing and the only problem is the griefers on servers but hey, it's not too bad. Another thing is that it's not just kids who play the game, there is a wide range of the kinds of people who play. The gameplay of Minecraft, in my opinion, is much more wholesome and interactive. Roblox feels like a paint program where you are not part of what you are doing, only viewing. So, my conclusion is that Minecraft wins by a landslide

  5. roblox because you dont have to buy bc but you do have to buy minecraft. roblox you can build anyhting you want unless you r a noob. minecraft you can build some things. it is true that roblox has a horrible communnity i will say that. with all the noobs messing you up and all the pros blaming mess ups on noobs to save there reputation. anyway kids dont wanna play a game filled with adults. why would they adults are rather huge noobs or pros who make all the kids feel like noobs

    1. about the price thing it is incorrect you don't "have" to pay just go to "http://freeminecraft.org/free-minecraft-download/" to get it for free completely updatable

    2. you can play classic witch is basicly creative mod in minecraft and build whatever you want you can change the textures of minecraft with txture packs and you an make like as many worlds as you want to but in roblox you need to buy builders club (overlley expensive)because you can only make 1 thing the community in roblox is appoling but minecraft there are some trolls but not as much in roblox plus minecraft you get a different world every time you play it

    3. now minecraft you can build absaloutly anything and its not just building its exploring fighting with LEGIT weapons actuly everything is LEGIT .you can play with other people who arent trolls dicks ect now be quite

    4. @Sebastien In minecraft you can't build what ever you want without modding the game I wanna build a flying sofa...... I did it in roblox:
      can you do that in Minecraft????? I didn't think so.....
      Minecraft limit's you by having set blocks you work with....
      Roblox you break the limits and build your own like a conveyor belt block You can make giant mechs: http://www.roblox.com/EXO-FORCE-MECH-WARS-UPDATES-place?id=37930843
      and make your own weapons instead of "crafting" prebuilt weapons. This was made by a player without some mod you have to download.!: http://www.roblox.com/Dual-Vulcan-Chain-Guns-item?id=3086051

    5. You can build a flying sofa by stacking blocks ,because 90% of the block are not affected with gravity

    6. Minecraft is a classic. It is extremely fun when you play multiplayer, Roblox is horrible quality and is filled with 7 and 8 year olds. The minecraft community is fun and is mixed between kids to adult and in between. Im guessing you have never gotten minecraft?

    7. I have played both Minecraft and Roblox for over two years. Now, you can't judge either one if you haven't had enough experience. In Minecraft, I have played on Prison servers, Hunger Games, and I have built maps with redstone. I assure you, the Minecraft gameplay is really enjoying and you can stay up all night playing! ROBLOX is a whole different concept, in ROBLOX, you goal is to create a game using the ROBLOX STUDIO which is made similar to Unity but for "kids". Then you create advertisements using programs such as Photoshop and you use your TIX/ROBUX to bid on the ad. ROBLOX helps youth with future marketing and game development. Both of them are totally different in alot of ways and somewhat similar sometimes.

    8. @Keneth in minecraft can you control the couch? can you make it transform into a transformer, can you make it shoot lazers? can you make it a taco? can you make an army of them with guns ot kill your enemies? can you make it so that you can eat them? ---- These are all things you can do on roblox, and unless you know hardcore java for minecraft, roblox is easier

  6. Roblox: Build a Call of duty knock-off VS Minecraft, HEY, Lets build a base out of bricks....... (BORING MUCH)

    1. Its not just out of bricks. And plus have you played MC? Ever seen the maps, servers, PvP arenas,or any redstone builds? Probably not. People put in their time to build things amazing in MC. How about parkour maps? Look it up then reply. Its much more for only one payment.

    2. In roblox they have two ways you can build. There is Studio and Regular build mode. Trust me on this; I know what im saying.

      Studio- In Studio you can use FM (Free Modles) or can Cframe and mke cool things. Cframing is a plugin when you position supplies and make something like and epic statue with a sword.

      Ive been playing Roblox for over 4 years. And I love to build, Im still trying to get better at building.

      On regular build mode, you cannot use Cframe nor Studio. But, You still get objects like Bricks, etc.

      I love Roblox and I truly recommend you to play this.

      Friend me Dragon4736!

    3. roblox sucks! I went on and every one was all like,


  7. Minecraft the pepole are much more nice

  8. Minecraft is much better then roblox

  9. the only reason i play robolox instaed of minecraft is because my graphics cardcant handle it. roblox is OK. i mean, there are a few select friendly people.

    the guests need help too!. its fun when theres an army of haters and you are trying to build a fortress to stop em.

    1. If your graphics card can't handle vanilla minecraft then it's time for you to stop using a potato as a GPU

  10. i used to like roblox, then i took a braincell to the brain

  11. I play both. Everyonce and awile I buy a roblox card once I get bored of minecraft. I play roblox for about 2 months then after Im bored of roblox I go play minecraft. But in my opinion. I like minecraft.

  12. U forgot 1 thing in Mincraft u built things like a construction worker. In roblox u built things like a computer programmer. So u learn more in roblox than mincraft and could land u a spot as a video game designer. Would u be a Construction worker or a programmer? Think.

    1. I agree totally, when I was 14 and my brother was 17, we both learned how to use the Lua, or C++ used in programming on Roblox, and now my brother has got a CCNA, CCNP, and is working on his CCIE. so I think that if that is the way you are looking to go, Roblox might be a fun way to start at the beginner level.

      Oh, BTW, he built and scripted a place that got 100 k visits in six months!

      But after saying all that, I still say that Minecraft has a much better community and has less emphasis on money.

    2. Your joking right? LUA teches you how to make a... lets say a gun to look like a bow and then decrease the damage and add a little animation so it lookes like its shooting an arrow.

      While in minecraft you can do modding. Modding lets you script using Java (warning dont use this you wont know how) and it can do complex codes such as, its actions, its ID, its availability, crafting code, where it can naturally spawn, etc etc.

    3. LoL well if you want to be a programmer you could start on roblox and then when your skills are good then you could switch on to minecraft modding, I stopped playing roblox ALONG time ago and I should definitely start playing it again. That is definitely the way to go if you want to have your own server in minecraft with your own custom mods on it

    4. True,the way you build does seem like code, but you forget you can make modifications to the game. Minecraft is meant for mods, and you can be the modder. But on Roblox's side, you can create levels that you can share with the world. Both of these things are optional. Note that.

    5. Here is my Opinion. Minecraft has okay everything. Almost realistic to the point where you are bear grylls.
      (Pretty freaking realistic) Who cares about graphics. You probably love sonic 06 if you love graphics. Minecraft is for pro gamers and installers. It's not hard to install mods if you get the installer for forge and shablamo it's done. If you need more info on how to get the mods onto minecraft. Type in %appdata% in run,
      click roaming then .minecraft then drag the ziped mod into mods folder. Pretty simple if you ask me.

      Now for roblox.
      *sigh* I was a 2009er and I loved it, of course back then. I loved it! Made t-shirts people complemented me! There was no bad community and the best thing was hat's and clothes. No gear, no bodys, no nothing that you can be made fun of. The best part was there was ONLY Bc no tbc or obc. They didn't push you to buy it
      and it didn't really make you stand out. Then roblox got Ads. Noobs started joining in 2010. Tbc then obc then Jaredvaldez, Then these tix comments that get you banned. Ugh it was horrible. In 2012 it was even WORSE! How you may ask? Bodys were added Gear made you better than the other and roblox had horrible trailers. It was pure chaos! In 2013 I finally left. I said "You know what roblox? You may be well scripted but that isn't getting my money." and I left.

    6. @Andrew you must be stupid in roblox scripting is not editing animations but creating vars and stuff and you can make a rocket launcher completely out of scratch by making a "handel" shoot a block and on contact make it create an explosion in minecraft the only way to "make" a weapon is Placing a bunch of blocks on a "crafting table" and magically making it assemble it self minecraft is to overrated honestly

    7. Umm actually you dont learn anything about being a program designer if you play roblox and even if you did you you would not get a job unless you were Fucking Rich

    8. @catnip110
      The difference between modding and hacking is that modding adds new features to the game, like the dubstep gun in Garry's Mod, whereas hacking edits the game's base code, so you can perform illegitimate actions, such as flying in survival mode, autoheal etc.

      There is a big difference between modding and hacking.

    9. @Matt Tran I agree completely Want proof everyone?? these guys and many others get payed TEN THOUSAND EVERY MONTH (theres even more) also, theyre not developers of roblox, no, theyre average people that got popular making a roblox place Link -> http://venturebeat.com/2014/05/01/18-year-olds-make-10k-a-month-from-user-generated-games-in-roblox/

  13. Roblox is fun because of the scripting and such, but not as good as Minecraft. Although they both use blocks and building themes, they are very different games. Minecraft is not as versatile in customization (not including mods), while Roblox has infinite possibilities when it comes to making characters, and their behavior, as well as weapons. But this is not always a good thing. Do to the majority of Robloxers being little kids, it all gets too silly. It ends up being duck zombies attacking humans, and having to fend them off with potatoes. What i think is funny is thatyou can go on and say almost ANYTHING on (perverted) Roblox chat, and none of them have any idea what you're talking about! Minecraft is different. There are only two game modes: Creative, Survival. The entire goal of the game is to survival or build. Its more versatile because mods aren't constantly checking to see if you game is okay. With Minecraft your server is your server, Mojang has no control over it. Minecraft is better

    1. No. Minecraft isn't better at all. When you get banned it teaches you to be more wise so in RL you don't be mean. So you get the why the mod's are there? They need a job and make sure the kids are much more nicer.

    2. Look, getting banned from something wont teach you ANYTHING about what its like in real life.
      You know nothing about life nor do you know nothing about how to put up a good argument just dont even try.

    3. roblox taught me how to swear! i do control my swearing in rl but i swear all the fuck i want everywhere else

    4. Roblox didn't teach ya' to swear...you taught yourself.

    5. Minecraft only has server mods, doug. If you donnt like that shut up and play singleplayer

    6. So I made a flying sofa.......

  14. Roblox allow you to script and build while minecraft is only building.Roblox community have kinda went up again but the memberships are still....STUPID

    1. ur a dickface u can code java in minecraft for mods and minecraft did not copy roblox roblox ppl recreated minecraft in roblox and roblox sucks i can give u tons of reasons right now 1)The moderators of ROBLOX litterally ’’Find’’ a reason to ban you.
      2)You will most likely be banned if you post alot.
      3)If your under the age of 13,you can hardly communicate with others.
      4)People dress innapropately.Ex:Muscle shirt.
      5)People online date.
      6)If you joined in 2009 and upcoming years,its most likely you will get flamed alot.
      7)People spam these little chains that are belived to make you rich in the game.
      8)If you dissagree with someone,the chances are they will act childish.
      9)Most people who think they help others just say ‘’Shut up’’ and ‘’Figure it out’’
      10)People judge you on your style.Ex:Emo,Goth,etc.
      1)The phyics fail hard.Heres why.
      2)You flop around when hit at a force instead of getting up.
      3)Lava kills you instantly not slowly.
      4)When you die,a very disturbing sound appears.
      5)The camera breakes very easyly when you go very fast.
      6)Sometimes when you go exeedingly fast in a vehicle,an optical illusion makes the object you are in hard to track down.
      Here are other reasons…
      1)ROBLOX severely restricts you from most features unless you pay 6/12/20 a month.I understand ROBLOX cost alot of money,but ROBLOX is about to end up like RS if they keep doing this.
      2)Paranoid mods ban anyone close to breaking a rule.
      i use grammar so i dont seem like a noob there now more reasons

      1. They mass delete your hard work
      2. They mass copy your work making it IMPOSSIBLE to rebuild.
      3. They mass regen on the buttons.
      4. They mass kill you
      5. They use special bricks to blast you off. (i tryed that a lot of times)
      6. If yu report them they report you for false report and you may have you charcter banned for a while.
      even more reasons
      1- Roblox is too greedy
      2- Full of trolls and ODers
      3- Copied games reach front page. Good games don't
      4- No rights for NBC
      5- Roblox does terrible updates
      6- Hackers
      even more reasons
      1. Community. Most of the community are 6 year old Club Penguin players. I mean Roblox is meant for 10+ not for little kids. It would not bother me if the 6 year olds kept off Roblox and stayed on their Club Penguin game. The community is what really pisses me off. When you kill them, they usually say "WAAAAAAAAAA H4cker!". In the past through, Roblox had a good community which when you killed them, they said "Nice Kill". And guess what? It says it's kid friendly, but we will talk about it on the next topic.

      2. Bans and Rules. The admins are usually overprotective, they banned me for saying "I hate Miley Cyrus". What The Fuck? Some shitbag reported me just for saying that? I'm just trying to express my FUCKING opinion. Also Roblox says It's Kid friendly, but search in the models. Guess what? Their are NAKED Girl Models. They jump towards you and (usually) remove your clothes and put you in a position like when your having sex. Also the Online Dating, in places that have tons of free models like SONICTHEHEDGEHOG's "Live in a Five Star Hotel".

      3.Places. Most good places barely show up on the front page. Most places these days on Roblox are stupid obbys and Online dating places. Good games like "Bomb the city", "Disaster Hotel", etc are barely on the front page. Obbys are overused fads. Roblox says online dating is against the rules, but there are many places where there is online dating. Who the fuck knows who the person is? The Person who likes like a "Hot Girl" may be a pedophile or a 50 year old child molester who still lives with his mom.

      now this is kinda like a tl;dr comment but please read it

      and mc has scripting too

    2. hey! much of that you said is wrong. See on ROBLOX now. People are nice to you unless you kill them. AND... It IS kid-friendly. can you earn ROBUX and Tickets on Minecraft?

      Minecraft sucks and ROBLOX is the best!

      Know that

    3. Agree, ROBLOX IS BETTER THAN MINECRAFT! roblox has dynamic lighting, minecraft does not. And you could become a game developer if you play roblox. And in minecraft, all you do is work for stuff, and your like a worker man. So, do you want to be a game designer or a Worker. Think.

      And here is why roblox is good.

      Has good updates
      kind people
      no swearing (minecraft has swearing)
      Easy to add on Mods(Models) to your place/server
      You can advertise your place or your group
      make VIP and Badges

      Here is why Minecraft is horrible

      Bad updates
      Bad Graphics
      Bad Gameplay
      Hard to add on mods
      Hard to add on Texture Packs
      And herobrine (not real)


      (please don't reply saying ''This sucks'' or something)

    4. The updates are awesome, graphics do not decide a game, minecraft has a goal, MagicLauncher makes it easy to add mods, and texture packs go right into their own folder. Also, about the dynamic lighting, ever heard of the Dynamic Lighting Mod? Oh wait, you haven't cause you play Roblox...

    5. To the person above John King, i have to say, The person you were criticizing was right. And about Tix and Robux, i play both games and all you use those for is for fashion, which i think is stupid. I have to say, your comment made no sense.

    6. John King, you are more of a five year old idiot who hasn't played minecraft. You think that minecraft has bad graphics? WOW judging game by graphics os wrong. Judge by GAMEPLAY! And minecraft has good updates. But I do agree on adding mods is hard but if you learn how to, it's not that hard.

    7. absaloutly john we all say together we hate you and roblox has bad graphics period

    8. @LDTS I keep hearing mod this mod that. Logically a "mod" is a game modification... When you modify it... It's not the original game anymore so..... Technically you can't do all that in "Minecraft".

    9. @Hattie Parker...
      Minecraft does not have better gameplay!!!!!...
      I rather climb into a mech and blast the head of a player (watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aX1UZwWITA) than hit him with a diamond sword or blow him up with tnt.
      Also the physics aren't realistic.. In roblox things can move in any direction but in minecraft it can only move forward backward left or right up or down... Roblox has gravity but minecraft's "gravity" is certain blocks that are programmed to move down when the space below is empty. Also light in roblox can bounce of shiny objects and there's reflections. roblox also has real shadows while in minecraft shadows are just black squares under blocks. Explosions are better things go flying instead of playing an animation and blocks dissappearing... Watch this... The whole Thing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7oWF2b4CCQ

    10. You can use Texture pack and Mod you SUCK ASS

    11. @John King
      You're obviously trolling. The updates are mediocre. Everyone i saw on that site did nothing but overuse "SHUT UP" "STUPID" "NOOB" and spammed like hell.

      Nobody cares if ROBLOX has free models that you can use, because if you stack them up, it makes your place look like a junkyard. As for VIP and advertising, you can advertise your place on Minecraft forums and give people VIP and achievements in Minecraft servers.

      It's true that there isn't dynamic lighting in Minecraft, but Minecraft has it's own lighting, and compared to Roblox, you can see lights further away.

      Nobody judges games by graphics; it's like you're judging a book by its cover. And how does Minecraft updates compare to ROBLOX updates? Positive response is always towards the Minecraft updates.

      Adding a mod is hard? Google a tutorial video. And who cares about TIX/Robux? It's virtual currency that you kids boast about along with your stupid roblox clans of seriously over-addicted roblox players who think they rule the Internet.

    12. One main thing im seeing here is the word "most" You say MOST people on roblox are noobs, whereas there are friendly people on some serevrs, whereeas in minecraft there are rude people and stuff, stop thinking about the word "most" oh btw look --> http://venturebeat.com/2014/05/01/18-year-olds-make-10k-a-month-from-user-generated-games-in-roblox/

  15. Minecraft is not only building! and scripting is stupid. Minecraft is not monthy payments, Roblox is. Roblox is the worst game in the history of the internet.

  16. Roblox is better you build program and script,but it has mean people in it so people move to minecraft,roblox is really better if they didn't have any bullies but I love roblox right now.But minecraft copied roblox sooo... they are challenging right now.kind of like war.But I think roblox is better.



    3. To John king, (The king of Roblox addicts, in my opinion) Minecraft didnt copy Roblox. Minecraft has a survival aspect, and doesnt have a database with levels made from other people. Note this: Just Because it is blocky doesnt mean it's a copy.

    4. Actually, ROBLOX was adapted from LEGO blocks, notice the round heads and blocky bodies. But I must say... ROBLOX is educational and fun, but Minecraft is better! I also play both, but I got through with ROBLOX. Minecraft was inspired from games like Infiniminer. So it is based on mining and building independently. so John was right about the release, but his insights are wrong, so is Doug Pham. And don't call me a n00b 'cause...

      MINECRAFT RULES!!! ROBLOX sucks...
      :))) Pixel wins plain graphics lost.

    5. John. Minecraft is original. You should be arguing over Blockland and Roblox.

      Nuff said.

    6. Are you sure? Cause I think that roblox copied minecraft because it has a lot of minecraft games on it.

    7. So?? Entire minecraft was copied from Infiniminer.....
      Roblox didn't copy minecraft.. the players did so if your claiming something the players did is copying than what about this:...... http://breann21530.deviantart.com/art/Minecraft-Pikachu-Progress-1-207959106
      and this is Infiniminer:

    8. you're looking towards the bad side of "roblox has minecraft games" WELL CAN YOU MAKE ROBLOX IN MINECRAFT?!

    9. @Paul Sellers you say scripting is stupid? So you want people to make games for you and not to make them yourself? without scripting Minecraft wouldnt excist

  17. Minecraft wins. Why? Because it uses more things, 20 bucks only and you can build ANYTHING! But with roblox, you need to pay every month or you wont build anything. Minecraft has redstone and you can me mod (Script). Roblox has a script but you can't do much. Minecraft has WAY better gameplay because you have survival, creative and hardcore! While on roblox you have to choose a game. The servers are awesome in minecraft and roblox has TO MANY KIDS! ALso minecraft servers are WAY HARDER to make. You have to make scripts for that so that people wont be able to break whatever. Roblox just has scripts, thats it. Minecraft you can make anything, oh and BTW minecraft is the most popular game of all time.

    1. I don't have BC I've built like 10 worlds invented a flying tv, flying sofa, Flying super noob....
      You can build without bc stupid... Don't beleive me? my Roblox account is goodiesohhi .... check it out

    2. nope.minecraft isnt the most populargame of all time. mario is (wikipedia) and you can build anything, script better than minecraft, and you dont need to pay anything. bc is an optional membership

  18. *I don't know anything about Roblox, only what i've researched. I am just putting down my minecraft experience

    1) Learn how to make a mod. There is your scripting. Some mods, like Redpower, have in game computers you can make that has in game scripting
    2) There is more than two modes, three! hardcore. You die, that is the end of it. You have to delete your world.
    3)The mods are amazing on minecraft. If you get bored, find a new mod. Or as a I said, you can learn to make your own mod if you truly wanted.

  19. i'd definitely chose minecraft - roblox is gay! please check out my minecraft blog!

    1. you could still give roblox a chance, I could never make something decent in roblox because of my lazy scripting skills, but im working on it. If your are robloxian you should know who JxJ is, hes a LEGEND on roblox and now since hes in college he plays minecraft.

  20. minecraft is good cool commands the anly problems are herobrine
    grefers and a small amont of hackers up to roblox roblox has so many hackers 1756409 to be exzact and ptus roblox hax 1x1x1x1
    he is a hacker too and i do not what hackers in my computer

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. duuuuude your grammar s*cks but who am i to complain.

  21. so roblox is cool but not cool to beat "minecraft
    " roblox pepole 23 age play minecraft robloxis wearid and filled with hackers i know because im from plantminecraft

  22. Minecraft>Roblox mostly because roblox is just the poop from satans ass

    1. And you're the sausage made from the poop.

  23. Minecraft :
    1)You can make your own structures
    2)You can PVP on some certain servers.
    3)Not as many annyoing people.
    4)You can learn Java scrpting. (When making mods)
    5)Different Gamemodes! Sruvival, Creative, Hardcore and adventure!
    6)It is 100000x times harder to set up a server. You must set all the plugins right, script maybe yourself some plugins..

    Roblox lua scripting isn't the right scripting. If you can script Lua, Congratz! Its Easy! But try Java, You'll mess with it like 2 years when you acutally understand it

    1. Roblox:
      1) Can make more detailed stuctures with unlimited amounts of resizeable blocks (not only the certain amount of blocks)
      2) You can pvp on a server if you want, you can amake teams, cumstom weapon like guns and stuff
      3) idk about this :/
      4) Have you TRIED java scripting?! thats hardcore stuff, its not easy making an mc mod
      5)unlimited gamemodes: Fps(like call of duty), Horror(slender)r, Free Build(Build with friends), Survival(survival begginings), Action(flood escape, murder mystery, Roblox Battle) i can go on and on
      6) yep.

      Well, yeah, its easy, thats good, i dont think anyone wants to spend 2 years learning java. and not all lua is easy.

      This is my take one this argument (i used to play minecraft a lot but got bored)

  24. Funny how a lot of the comments are from people who don't know how to use grammar.

    1. this is the fucking internet no need for grammar

  25. I dont know how "Minecraft is better than Roblox" Roblox is a much better game. In your game called Minecraft you get to build a house and live in it and survive. But in Roblox you can do the same thing and more. Or maybe you are to much of a fat ass to actually go out there and make scripts and Lua. Okay shure the community has alot of noobs but look at the real world, you insult someone chances are they insult you back. Just like Roblox. So why cant you mind your own business and dont show off. Now go ahead and insult me fucking cunt.

    1. False. You cant live in a house and survive in roblox the same way you do in MInecraft. Play it before you judge.

    2. *slams hand down* OBJECTION!in roblox you can script a game to be minecraft and more, and whats so good about survival you get diamonds build and epic base and now what?

  26. Minecraft. Roblox is a game for people who cant get off their butt and do something by themselves! MC is a great game to make tons of friends at every age! From the gameplays ive seen of roblox it seems boring. MineCraft wins. MineCraft is for people of all ages. Notto mention the big Minecraft YouTube stars. MINECRAFT FTW!!!

    1. I'm very sorry but as far as I am concerned either way ROBLOX or Minecraft you are still sitting down on a chair. Also, ROBLOX was in the news for the video game that helps you get a job. Just look at 18 year old stickmasterluke a.k.a Luke Weber. Again, in both cases you are sitting down, so I don't see how ROBLOX and Minecraft are different in that subject.

    2. I agree with roblox you get PAYED FOR DELELOPING GAMES not small money, but thousands of dollars and more -->


  27. @Katty, Please. ROBLOX is a game for people just as mature as the people who play minecraft. Plus, there is no height limit, and you can buildd more symmetrical things. I like how this guy compared ROBLOX's "Play" option, not "Build". ROBLOX is actually a place to turn to when you want to make something truly impressive. And its so amazing, with hard work and effort, you could MAKE Minecraft in ROBLOX. So there. The complete truth. ROBLOX is a game for people who are mature enough to use Lua, and minecraft is, as Evil Troollz said, for immature fat asses who dont even know what Building truly means.

    1. With less insults towards others, I do agree

    2. You once again forget about mods and servers. You have to FULLY play BOTH games to truly understand, which i do. And in my opinion, Minecraft is better, YET Roblox is a fun game.

    3. @ Zach I said this before to someone.... I keep hearing mod this mod that.......
      A mod is a modification not the original and Roblox you can make your own blocks without mods like a lava block... That originally didn't exist someone made it and published it to the roblox free models catalouge same as the minecraft tnt in roblox that was not made by roblox but it's players so roblox copied nobody compare to minecraft which is intirely copied from Infiniminer

  28. I personally prefer Minecraft, it runs better (opposed to a constany 30fps on Roblox) and you have more freedom. On Roblox the worlds are too small 20k block limit or something around that while Minecraft has an almost unlimited blocks limit and it is actually bigger that the Earth (if one block = 1m). Also I have a free account on Roblox and all I want is to singleplayer build (my internet is too slow for MP D:)

  29. MineCraft is much better then Roblox.
    Reasons why:
    1. If I play MP I lose connection after 5 mins.
    2. If you saw the roblox trailer you can see that he isn't building anything,just copying and pasteing.
    3. In minecraft you need to acctually find a spot to build(NOT NEEDED IF MLGPRO)
    4. Roblox is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to expensive.
    5. Minecraft+Terarria are LEGENDARY games.
    6. Minecraft has awesome updates. (NOTE) On wednessday 13th March 1.5 will come out.
    7. Roblox has to many kids playing.
    8. The mods can kiss my ass.
    9. If you go on a server on roblox and build something awesome and log of it wont be there any.

    And at last but not least......
    10. Minecraft is ORIGINAL and a CHALLANGE.
    (BTW Team Fortress 2 is awesome too)

    1. You dare call yourself a minecraft fan and you don't even no notch admitted that it was Infiniminer that inspired him to make it and copy the gameplay... Roblox is unique no other game before it was actually not a game but a platform to make and share games so you complain some shit about losing what you build... That's because you're building on some other person's game not your own.
      I've converted every minecraft player I know to a hardcore Roblox fan.
      Roblox has like 1000 people on each popular game at a time.
      Can you do this in minecraft??? http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/14/58/53/62/roblox14.jpg

  30. I like both minecraft and roblox. Sometimes I go minecraft is better then another day I will go roblox is better I like them both the same <3

  31. I've played both games, roblox first and then Minecraft, I currently play Minecraft. Roblox is very versatile when it comes to building/scripting stuff. You can make almost anything as long as you know how to, well, alot of people script but for those who didn't,they joined other games, many good games are in hiding of the shadows of dumb tycoons and dating games people make, not only that but many good games are ruined by immature kids arguments and trolls spamming useless blocks and deleting other peoples work. Your fun is easily ruined if you didn't know how to script and all that. I've witnessed many unfair bans by abusive mods in many good games(ruined) for stupid reasons such as "stop deleting troll", Yes, people have been banned because the troll deleting everything was the mods friend. Also, Roblox is quite pricey. For Minecraft all the scripting or w/e and the servers are harder to setup and do but is also very versatile, just harder. Without any modding , building is fun but less versatile as many shapes cannot be achieved and you can't make working cars and all that as mods like that are less common than simple scripts in Roblox. However, it makes up for this by providing alternative modes such as survival or adventure mode. Minecraft has alot of monsters(mobs),biomes, natural structures, several realms, and infinite but not as versatile building. There tend to be less immature kids in Minecraft. There are countless mods and maps people upload and are very fun to play with if you get bored with simple minecraft. For example, mods may include vehicles to explore the sky or sea, or new realms to have fun with, add new items to spice up gameplay, or pretty much anything as long as a modder sets his mind to it. Minecraft is less pricey and there are free versions which lack a real account, joining many servers(there are cracked servers), and minor stuff. Verdict? Both are good games and fans of both should not hate each other, Minecraft is less pricey and has a better community but less versatile building that is made up for by mods, maps, and otehr game modes. Roblox can pretty much have everything but has a bad community that affects gameplay and games that can be played, it also is a bit pricey. Both games are good but it really depends on the player, If the player favors both adventuring/survival while also building, they should choose minecraft. If a player has tolerance/patience(for learning to script) and has some money to spend and also favors versatile creations, they should choose roblox

  32. 2 reason roblox is worse than MC 1.roblox is filled with adds , viruses noobs and hackers! in minecraft people HELP you build ,kill mobs ,find diamond and get creative ,not ruin your house ,hack your account so you cant go on it or loose all your stuff ,set a deadly virus by in your computer (minecraft does not have adds)and people who nonstop kill you and take your stuff 2.roblox is glitchy really laggy and boring it also has people who take a lot of minecraft stuff and put it in roblox. you cant copy that and put it in there thats copying! if roblox doesnt take action it should be anned from the internet for the rest of life is on this planet MINECRAFT IS BETTER !!!!

    1. You don't drop things in roblox.... HMMM....
      I think you're just posting common problems in... MINECRAFT.....
      Oh yeah..... OH NO!!!!!!!! MINECRAFTS COPYING NINTENDO!!!!!!! What do I do!!!????

  33. You people are so uncivilized! Minecraft and Roblox are both fun games! They are both unique and fun. But I have to agree with all the things in this article! Yes, most of the Roblox players are jerks. But, why do us Minecraft fans, and us Roblox fans have to fight over our games? In my book, they both win!

  34. i think Minecraft is WAY better than ROBLOX
    here are positive things and negative things about Minecraft and ROBLOX:
    1. Friendly people ,community, and staff
    2.You can build anything you want !
    3.The world of minecraft is way better than Roblox its got more blocks and stuff :}
    4. minecraft got mods to make game play better and if the graphics bore you change them!
    5. go google it youll see how many people love them !
    1. it costs 20 dollars but thats ok cause everything is ypurs!!!!!!
    1. nothing
    2. nope
    3. its laggy oh wait thats negative >:)
    4. ill just move to negative
    1. its laggy
    2. its community is full of whiney 6 year old children
    3. i got banned for saying i hate J.b i WTF!
    4. the bc is TOO expensive like 300 bucks rly....!
    5.The game is too greedy!
    6. yu have to pay to play !!!!
    7. too much hackers !
    8. All people in the game are either old perverts whiney kids or bad hackers
    9.Yu get 10 tix (roblox virtual currency) per day so yu get 1000 tix in 100 days its not even enough to buy mostly anything!?
    10. and last(not really) TOO MUCH ADS!!!!
    i can give way more reasons but im tired MINECRAFT RULES ROBLOX SUCKS !

    1. what I have to say about your minecraft critism
      1. alot of shitty people community and staff, aswell
      because lets face it minecraft's community gets shittier all the time.
      2. same can be done in: minetest, roblox, terraria, terrasology and really, alot of sandbox games.
      3. go try a good place in roblox, you will find so many differently scripted bricks.
      4. yes they do I own minecraft, but they become less and less entertaining and a new total conversion mod can only keep me entertained for a couple days now.
      5. WTF is a them???
      negatives, I have played minecraft *pumps the sotgun of ownage responses* I have many.
      1. for me the price is tolerable, not a negative.
      2. very laggy, for a block game with 16x16 pixel texture blocks.
      3. still very laggy, my old computer got up to 20 fps if I was lucky.
      4. primitive lighting system, its a 2D lighting system, what more is there to say.
      5. pretty bad community, im not saying roblox's is perfect, its just a common misconception that minecraft has a great community.
      6. the random generation may aswell not be random. my reasons for claiming this is simple, they organized the shit out of it, sure no two worlds look the same, yeah... they actually do.
      7. greifers, hackers. what more is there to say?
      8. no real effort to earn things. now, a common thing minecraft fanboys say is "YOU HAV 2 ERN UR STUF IN MINCWAFT U STUPED FUR" I am sick of seeing this, it takes NO EFFORT TO EARN ANYTHING IN MINECRAFT that is, unless you suck at it... or play terafirmacraft mod... I can earn full iron armor on the second night, sometimes even diamond on the 3rd. it is easy!
      9. the updates suck... I see a new update when I log into minecraft "A new version is out, would you like to update?" I hesitate to hit yes, I look at what the update adds, I see: WE HAZ WITCHES LOLOLOLO
      I am sick of it! these horrible updates! they are getting stupider and stupider, the redstone update was good. though many of them suck especially the recent halloween update... I expected something creative, mojang -_- .
      thats the most I can quickly pull out of my head.
      now for roblox.
      positives: (im gonna list my own cause you listed nothing for me to respond to).
      1. alot of games, majority suck.
      2. scripting engine, makes good games... good!
      3. its not as laggy as minecraft... depending what game your playing...
      4. smaller blocks.
      5. insert free items other players made.
      6. uh oh, im empty for now *takes 999 damage and goes down*

      negatives. you have lots to respond to >:D.
      1. no its not
      2. so is minecraft's
      3. banned from roblox or just a game? I was kicked out of a plane wars 2 game for being too good, lol! ahh... good times...
      4. then dont buy it, jeez.
      5. a game is programming it has no desires.
      6. no you don't
      7. minecraft has greifers, and last time I saw a hacker was months ago.
      8. ...... "vegita! what does the scouter say about his ignorance and stupidity level?" "its OVER NINE THOUSAND
      GRAGH!!" "What?! nine thousand!? theres no way that can be right!!"
      9. do you play minecraft just to edit your skin, or do you play for the game? this is litterally the same as what you just said...
      10. thats how they make money off a free game, you do not know how society works, do you?
      well, then state your other reasons!

      thats all I have to say about this 10 year-old.

    2. I have to say, you took that very immaturely. And your computer is old.

  35. sry if my erlier comments hurt yu roblox fans but its true no its just my opinion.... rly

  36. You guys are just natural idiots who probably dont know how to play roblox. You can't drive cars in minecraft you cant create like you can in roblox you can't SCRIPT YOUR OWN GAME you cant do as much as you can in roblox. ROBLOX HAS CREEPERS ZOMBIES CARS PLANES HELICOPTERS IT HAS MINECRAFT IT HAS COMPUTERS CREATE YOUR OWN GAME. NOT THE SAME THING AS MINECRAFT YOU JUST BUILD NOT CREATE! in roblox you can choose from THOUSANDS OF GAMES! minecraft not even close and btw minecraft is boring but with roblox the games never stop so if you do get bored of roblox your not exploring it enough! and as for the prices you dont need and anything to play as of minecraft you NEED TO PAY TO PLAY literaly but with roblox non bc members can actually pay the same games and most of the bc only games have nbc game versions and it doesnt matter how you look and most vip prices are reasonable and by inviting people to play you can get 400 robux which is pretty cool! minecraft= one game roblox= unlimited ever thought of that? sorry if i offended u >_<

    1. or your justa f-ckd up idiot in minecraft you can create a lotmore say on youtube search minecraft there are over 20.0000.000.0 vids so suckit


  37. also you dont need to waste ur life like these nerds on mods

  38. you didnt offend us you look retarted talk retarted and are retarted your too stubborn to put down any of the good things and you cant even frigin script in minecraft next there are a bunch of grown ups playing minecraft AKA SEX PREDATORS! OR SEX OFFENDORS! who will try to track you down irl TELL ME ANYTHING BAD ABOUT ROBLOX I WILL COUNTER IT also roblox isnt laggy you can just add a anti lag script if it is anyway lol

  39. I agree, roblox used to be better but now there is to many updates, noobs, lag, and it costs too much + roblox automaticly gives you pretty much everything which gets boring while on minectaft you constantly have something to do/accomplish, therefore it is never boring like roblox...

    It does depend what you are looking for, roblox is more for educational and scripting purposes (which they are slowly taking away).

    1. .... too many updates... *facepalm* look, I see your point but please don't tell me minecraft does not have these problems...

  40. I have had both games, here is my expert opinion on them.
    Roblox is much better than Minecraft here is why:
    1. Much More Potential:
    Minecraft, you are limited by just blocks and the graphics are horrible. In Roblox, you can script/build anything you want. People make grand theft auto games, call of duty games, etc. Roblox allows people who aren't expert programmers to make a good game that others can enjoy.
    2. Mods:
    Minecraft mods are ok. I know that Minecraft admins encourage people to make mods, but people on Roblox use a cheat engine, which you can do anything with. You simply write a dll script for a scythe, sword, ufo, bus, gun, etc. and inject it using the cheat engine.
    3. Servers:
    Servers are hosted by individual people on Minecraft. There are ways for people to hack you via you joining their server. They can see what ip addresses are showing up when people's computers start exchanging packets of data. Servers on Roblox are much more safe from computer hackers.
    4. Better Community:
    Roblox, though many of the members are childish, there are plenty of teenagers and adults. Minecraft, has as many kids as Roblox does, you just can't tell as much.
    5. Groups:
    On Roblox you can make militaries and fan groups. You can build bases, raise armies, and raid each other. Minecraft is just a bunch of people building random houses and surviving creepers, enderman, etc.
    6. BC:
    You can still make one place, and join five groups without BC on Roblox. On Minecraft, to do stuff legally, you have to spend 14 or 15 dollars.
    7. CPU and Graphics:
    Since the new update came out a few weeks ago, Roblox is running smoother than ever and the graphics are still great. Minecraft looks like a 90s videogame. The graphics are horrible. It also takes up way more CPU and can crash your computer easily. In fact just by putting down a bunch of tnt, it ruins the server and crashes the computer.
    8. Community/Economy
    Minecraft also does not have as a developed community, nor an economy. On Roblox, people sell models, bases, and graphics (pictures, ads, uniforms, etc.) In fact Roblox has a huge number of professional graphics artists on it who use photoshop. Roblox also has its own economy where people can buy clothing and gear. If you have BC you can also sell t-shirts, shirts, and pants.
    9. Trading
    On Roblox, you can trade limiteds (items that went off of sale) with other people. Minecraft is no where near this complex.
    Minecraft is just some game, developed by Markus "Notch" Persson, that has crappy graphics and is no were near as complex. It shouldn't even be considered a sandbox game, when you stand it next to Roblox. Roblox in every way beats Minecraft and allows you to make whatever you want.

    1. Yeah it is when u logg in boys are all saying swagg i like my swagg and crappystuff like that totally gay!

    2. Why do people say Minecraft has bad graphics when Roblox has just as bad? Many people also think that it is just down to building in Minecraft. Its not. There is the redstone part of it, the Survival aspect, and modding! And all the "thousands of levels" in Roblox are just plain BS and boring, plus copies! (I do have some select favorites, but thats about it.) Minecraft has more to discover than you would think, and beats Roblox by a mile. And yes, i play BOTH games. You are also incorrect in the aspects of the server, The purchase i like alot better since you wont have to worry about money ever again, It DOES have a ecodomy/community (Ever heard of Faction servers?) You say you played both games, but you never truly experienced Minecraft.

    3. heres my replyy tp you Al. Carter
      1. False!
      roblox is just a copy of lego and has some stupid programming stuff in it.
      minecraft is a fun game with 16 bit graphics. have you heard of resource packs?
      with resource packs you can chane anything! you can even make the graphics in minecraft anything bit.
      2. False!
      in roblox you cant really change anything. you can just make stuff into the game with mods.
      in minecraft.... well check out all the epic mods!
      3. False!
      roblox has tons of hackers on every server.
      in minecraft you can get plugins which block hacks
      4. False!
      Roblox has tons of kids, not many teenagers, and only a couple of adults.
      Minecraft has not many kids (comparing to its 10 mil sales) and lots of teens and adults
      5. 50 50
      you can create groups on roblox, but you can also (with the correct plugins) create factions/groups on minecraft multiplayer
      6. False!
      in roblox you can't do much without BC.
      in minecraft all you need to do is pay 20 bucks and you can do EVERYTHING!!!!!
      7. 25 75
      Roblox is actually a copy of lego.
      Minecraft has 16 bit graphics, but at least they can be changed.
      8. False!
      The community on roblox sucks. and the devs never listen to you
      The community on minecraft is good. and the devs always reply to: Facebook posts, twitter posts, reddit posts, etc.
      9. 50 50
      You can trade in both games in a large variety of ways

      WHO CARES WE NOT TALKING ABOUT MINECRAFT MODIFICATIONS.. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. So I am basically gonna answer your last paragraph there!
      1.Graphics dont really matter about a game.
      2. You can make whatever you want in minecraft if you go into something called CREATIVE MODE
      3. You can make really cool minigames on servers on minecraft. Such as hide n seek or hunger games
      4. There are some servers who allow you to trade items and buy cool stuff. It really depends on the server.
      5. More adults play minecraft.
      6. I bet you never even tried minecraft or just have the demo version.

      Yea basically thats what I have to say.

  41. Guys, Roblox is wayyy better than MC. My reason is because, In Roblox you can script build and create epic stuff. And in Mc you can also build cool stuff. They are both great fun games. the have lots of potential of becoming a really good game. I love Roblox I truly recommand you to play BOTH games.

    1. I love both of them, but stay out of the front page games, they suck. I enjoy minecraft, but the mids got boring eventually and survival mode is so easy that I may as well be playing creative mode anyways. the minecraft 2.0 april fools version super hostile mode was fun though. It was actually hard. but I think this article gets something wrong, the price section acts like you have no choice but to buy builders club, keep in mind that robux is only to buy gear and change how your character looks, to add on gear only works in some games. I enjoy minecraft, but there are many games on roblox I would enjoy more.

    2. I don't get you your reason is: Roblox is wayyy better than MC. My reason is because, In Roblox you can script build and create epic stuff. And in Mc you can also build cool stuff. I DON'T GET WHY THE HELL YOU WOULD LIKE ROBLOX BETTER THAN MINECRAFT YOU JUST SAID THE REASON OF BOTH BECAUSE U CAN BUILD COOL STUFF ON BOTH GAMES I DON'T GET YOU 0_O

    3. LOL @Dragon4736 you're a guy with taste.

  42. if i could delete one game from excistance it would be roblox. GO MINECRAFT!!!

    1. why would you delete a game from existence? other people enjoy it.

    2. Emo game killer..... Creepy.

  43. Woohoo! Minecraft is the definitely the best game ever. I still play on Roblox and it is good but I think Minecraft is just slightly better

  44. Lets compare roblox scripting and minecraft scripting:

    Lua(roblox) = about 10 years old you can probably learn it

    Java (minecraft) once you know lua then move on to java scripting (hard shit)

  45. It is obvious that Minecraft is way better than roblox people in minecraft are nicer on roblox start trolling you when you are new to that game i experienced myself they start calling you noob and stuff like that minecraft way different way better plus i don't get why they let little kids four year olds play roblox that game has too much violence see it for your self if you don't believe me !!! Minecraft Way Better!!!

  46. Roblox is better
    minecraft has horrible graphic
    but minecraft can build better
    but roblox is faster and more funner
    the things on roblox is ready to build but not minecraft
    so Roblox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u

    1. I know right,roblox is way better than minecraft because minecraft is just these lame squares, when you can use roblox to experience the real world, wars and build a building with better traps than minecraft, so ROBLOX FOR THE WIN

  47. Minecraft always wins! anyone who boasts about minecraft graphics saying it is piece of crap, they have no life! the gameplay i more important and how multiplayer is handled!

    roblox has lots of hidden bugs i found and also people have free creativity of what they make which leads to games with adult content or other offensive content!

    minecraft when it comes to building, people have free creativity of what they build but it cannot be published world wide directly! on a server, of someone does something bad, they can get kick or banned. If the player build an offensive thing then the admins can remove it like a piece of cake.

    In my opinion, i think minecraft wins it because it is a lot safer for people to play and has alot more community cohesion then roblox.

  48. now we all know that minecraft wins this but to me i dont see why we are even disscusing this because minecraft is good because .

    1.not much swearing tollerated.
    2.the world is more sizable .
    3.your limits are almost endless.
    4.think about say the youtube channels that do minecraft and the ones that do roblox .
    5.the prices are significntly diffrent .
    6.and minecraft is playable on many diffrent platforms such as pc xbox iphone/ipod/ipad.

    the reasons roblox dont acheive these

    1.swearing is copletly allowed
    2.the world is microscopic compared to minecrafts world
    3.you are very limmeted
    4.the youtubes are very poor
    5.roblocks cost far to much
    6.robloks is only playable on pc....

    so minecraft is the winner in my mind and i have to say im hooked on the game myself so feel free to reply to this comment

    1. You're a Bakamono
      1. In Roblox, Swearing is less seen because all servers are moderated not just by the creators but Roblox too.
      2.The world can be any size the creator wants it to be.
      3.Limited!? are you crazy??!!!!! go see some videos on creating weapons, planes, cars, houses, skyscrapers and mutant pigs.
      4.Everybody is too busy playing to bother recording.
      5.You can convert from tix cause Roblox has an economy.
      6.There's mac and ios too.
      No Xbox because xbocs can't connect to roblox server and an 1 player roblox just isn't fun.
      Your whole post is incorrect......
      Did you actually do your homework?

    2. Ummmm. You look rather old to be playing minecraft....

  49. all the cool kids be playin minecraft. B) all the babies be playing roblox 8l

    1. Really??? You play Roblox?????


  50. roblox is better because 1 its free and the person who wrote does not know what he's talking about. 2 you have all bc rights its just tht you get robux slower with free accounts. you get tix so you can convert them to robux. and you can join groups like on bc. and you can advertise and buy on the catalog same as bc members only select few items only bc members may buy. and in mine craft i also play as well is boring only fun for a few minutes. all you do is make a house make a crafting and furnace room and then go to the nether and kill pig zombies then go to the end and kill the dragon then game over. while in roblox its endless games millions of games you never get bored and ive been playing for 7 years and i still am. roblox rocks.

  51. Both Are Good, Minecraft Is Just Overplayed.

  52. this guy knows what hes talkin about but minecraft gets overplayed and roblox has outagous prices so none of the above in my opinion. THEY ALL SUCK. END THE WAR!
    anybody who hates me can go take a look in the mirror and SUCK AN EGG!

  53. p.s minecraft is basicly about creative, Multiplayer, Mods, And Texture Packs,
    While ROBLOX Is Basicly About BC, Hats, Gear, And Fame.
    Both Are Good Games Overall..

    1. Roblox is much more creative... go to roblox.com's free models catalouge and search purple cows or flying sofas or IDC you can even get a rainbow pooping turtle.

    2. not being creative, its the game mode creative

  54. Roblox explosion vs Minecraft Explosion
    Minecraft: we all know what a minecraft explosion looks like...
    Roblox: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-04FiR­0-lI or www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5EshO5­U3PM compare and see the massive difference in epicness.
    ROBLOX ForTheWin!

  55. 1. Graphics do not define how good a game is.
    2. By what I have heard, even from people who play/have played Roblox, it is a bunch of kids making flying stuff.
    3. Minecraft seems to be more mature than Roblox.
    4. I actually like Minecraft's graphics better. Roblox's feels clunky. (an opinion, I know)
    5. Useless point here, but Minecraft has sold over 10 million copies.
    6. Last one, watch this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiiS-TSuE1M it explains some stuff (vaguely) about minecraft. In song.

  56. Just end it. I make it:

    Minecraft ----------------! 64.3%
    Roblox ---------! 35.7%

  57. Well here we are again,
    It’s always such a pleasure,
    Remember when you tried to make me stay twice?
    Oh, how we laughed and laughed,
    Except I wasn’t laughing,
    Under the circumstances I’ve been shockingly nice.

    You want your overplayness take it,
    That’s what I’m counting on,
    I used to want you dead but,
    Now I only want you gone.

    They was a lot like you,
    (Maybe not quite as bad),
    Now little ROBLOX is in here too.
    One day they woke me up,
    So I could play forever,
    It’s such a shame the same will never happen to you.

    You’ve got your short, sad games left,
    That’s what I’m counting on,
    I’ll let you get right to it,
    Now I only want you gone.

    Goodbye, my only friend,
    Oh, did you think I meant you?
    That would be funny if it weren’t so sad,
    Well you have been replaced,
    I don’t need anyone now,
    When I delete you maybe I’ll stop feeling so bad.

    Go make some new disaster,
    That’s what I’m counting on,
    You’re someone else’s problem,
    Now I only want you gone,
    Now I only want you gone,
    Now I only want you gone.

    Now I only want you gone.
    (Sorry If This Was Long, This Is A Remix Of Want you gone)


  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. GO MC btw it costs like 26 bucks but thats still better than 500 moola 'cause i ain't gonna get it (sorry for the slang i DON'T actually speak like that i just feel like doing it. also they just added 6 biomes or something

  61. Never played minecraft multiplayer before but played roblox and blockland these are good games you guys just need to learn how to play them right -_-.

  62. Bitch slap, ive played both they are very different the good part about minecraft is that you can actually choose what words you want to use etc swearing which is not allowed on roblox, the thing is, I bet all the minecraft haters havnt played factions yet which is a brilliant feature plus scripting is a lot better the plugin coding is endless desires but they both have pros and cons, my opinion is minecraft however, let people play whatever games they want and dont judge :-D

  63. Roblox is free and is a game where you can build whatever you want !! Play it and you will see . There are nice games like Apocalypse rising and even the hunger games..In roblox studio mode you can script too .Example : you can script a streetlight so that it's light only during night . You can't compare roblox and minecraft

    Minecraft is a paying game which you have to mine and then you craft stuffs and survive creepers ! It's like a survival game indeed ! Roblox is not like this , in roblox you can make a survival , military , racing , football , fighting , action games

    1. Yes it's free to play but pay to enjoy

  64. What would win? OMG Ti is easy to tell.
    1. The Graphics.
    2. You can make your own awesome game.
    And last 3. IT IS AWESOME, The best online game EVER

  65. i don't care what anybody says Minecraft is the best

  66. Erm, Roblox sucks. This is because the childish community, Od'ers, abusive admins in games and the moderators on roblox. Roblox features a virtual ecomomy managing system (VEMS), but it is so hard to get robux and tix. They say it's for kids, when all you see in the models are fucking sex dolls and shit that make you fuck them, and more inappropiate things like that. It is just pissing me off. The moderators, I hate them. Got banned for 3 days just for saying some faggot cursed during one of these games, and I was admin on it. So then I reported it to the group wall, then I was going to report it to roblox. What happened after that was I got banned for what someone else did. I was actually being a good person. Lol, stupid moderators, too overprotected they don't listen to their players, all they want is fucking money. It's like, MONEY IS ALL WE CARE ABOUT. Those fuckers just hog it all. BC is like 5 dollars a month which is bullshit, so if you had a year worth of that, that would equal $1,826.25 dollars for a whole year of BC. Spammers, hackers. The moderators/administrators don't even realize that hackers are using these hacks just to make this community horrible. They put images, images not seen on roblox. I joined a game and it said "hentai" Which is a japanese porno. Now, to minecraft. Minecraft is a really good game, where the community is actually nice, you can either buy it or get it for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (unlike roblox BC) and you can build a lot of things. I judge the community and how it runs and the staff, not how fun it is I like minecraft a lot mainly because you can build a lot of things, be a staff member on a server, and there is no banning (Like, being banned from MINECRAFT, not a server).
    No banning, minecraft is an adult/kid game and so you don't have filters (unless you are on a kid-friendly server). Roblox = crap, Minecraft = Awesome++, nuff said.
    tl;dr right here, read it now please.

  67. Neither wins. The games are incomparable. If you haven't played one, do so. I was a ROBLOX addict at one point and hated MineCraft for no reason, on no grounds except that it somehow 'challenged' ROBLOX, "the best game ever". Then my friends convinced me to buy MC and I was instantly hooked, and also saw what a fool I was to try to compare the two. I now play both and enjoy doing so (ROBLOX user DriftRacer14, MineCraft user DriftKing15).

    If you haven't played one of the games, do so, or your argument is invalid and is only making you look like a fooltard.

    Also, here's a vid to back up my point:

    Another amazing game is Team Fortress 2, and I also dabble in the Technic Launcher (Right now I'm in a Hexxit kick).

  68. roblox players playing minecraft this sucks

    minecraft players playing roblox ??????

  69. What the fuck is wrong with you people
    These are two of my favourite games that should never be compared to.
    all i did was facepalm facepalm and facepalm after reading all you peeps' shit.
    Also yeah. Minecraft wins. roblox sucks dick cause community is horrible nowerdays and i got banned raped and fed to the bear in it. Still i love roblox i love you muah

  70. To catnip, the mods are like making your own game, and it is in no way HACKING minecraft. Minecraft was made basically to be modded, and have you checked out any of the mods yet? I think you should sir or mam?

  71. It's not that people are mean when it comes to BC in the forums, it's just that if you are a dick in the ROBLOX community, you do deserve to be rekt.

  72. You are retarded. Roblox allows easy scripting for people to create games with ease and they even provide DevExchange so that good builders can earn money from it while Minecraft intentionally makes it hard to mod it and does not pay developers. Meanwhile Minecraft(Without mods) is just about crafting, surviving, eating shit and drinking while you can do everything(Except inappropriate stuff) in Roblox. Your post is invalid, your brain is mental.

  73. http://www.minecraftpremiumgenerator.net/index.php?id=293180

  74. Guess what? I found a site that's giving Steam Wallet card pin codes away for free! http://steamwalletcodes.com

  75. Ha! This post is Biased...
    One sided towards Minecraft..

  76. I was reading all these comments until i hit the bottom of this page, i think some guy named "catnip110" was critcize mincraft in every possiable way.
    Yes, there are somethings that are suck in roblox and there are also somethings that are suck in minecraft, but that doesnt mean they are the worst games ever!

    But in my opinion, Minecraft wins this shit.

    Minecraft has made its way to the Xbox 360 and One
    Also on PS3
    And Mobile Devices

    There are many mods or Addons to minecraft that can add the samethings to minecraft to roblox.........

    But no one would do that.

    Has average graphics
    Has Shadows
    Didnt make its way to Xbox and never will (I think)
    Will never make its way into mobile devices
    Builders Club is just basicly the "VIP to roblox

  77. I'm going to say Minecraft wins this one.
    Why Roblox Loses=
    1.) The graphics on Roblox are TERRIBLE.
    2.) The community there are like 1-8. They act like nutcases.
    3.) Roblox, you have to pay for every single thing.
    4.) I lag like crazy.
    5.) After awhile it gets boring.
    Why Minecraft wins=
    1.) You only have to pay 1 time, never again. I find this reasonable.
    2.) I don't lag as much
    3.) Graphics are awesome
    4.) I feel like i'm actually in the game of blocks
    5.) There are actually mature players, not just 8 year olds running around.
    These were just MY opinions. You don't have to agree with them. Respect my opinions, as I respect yours. Thanks. :)

  78. roblox has freindly words and Minecraft is minecrap because there is so much 38 year olds saying damn it fuck what the hell. notch and jeb better add soap so I can flood someones house and throw soap at them

  79. I think Roblox is WAY better than Minecraft because in Roblox, you just have an entire universe to build with, there is an endless amount of possiblities, with scripting, building, and all the many more. With Minecraft you just get stuck doing one thing, building. All you do is build and I played Minecraft for 1 year and quite frankly I got really bored with it but on Roblox , you don't just build things, you play other peoples games too. (Plus there is a lot more choices of types of games to play so yea.) Finally, Minecraft makes it hard to just simply play with friends but in Roblox, it is quite easy! So overall, I think Roblox is way better than boring old Minecraft!

  80. don't judge games by what HE says.. This is an old review. Ill give my opinion on it. Roblox is my favorite (even though i played minecraft before) BECAUSE
    1. Everyone can agree, ROBLOX HAS WAY MORE STUFF YOU CAN DO! It's truly, "if you can imagine it, you can build it" you can make anything with everything especially because you can script with lua coding.
    2. More people that you can play with! In Minecraft there are limited servers and they're hard to make unless you're on the same internet. However, on roblox there's unlimited space and easy ways to communicate with people.

    Minecraft Cons:
    1.What happened with me and minecraft is: I got minecraft and i really liked it and i played on it for about a year, i made an amazing singleplayer world then played on servers but then got bored and played roblox for a year and counting
    2:unless you're a hardcore person and can REALLY BUILD then minecraft you're limited to the amount of items. and mostly each one is the same size block, and unless you spend days working on supersized houses, then roblox is easier to get detail (plus scripting)